Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Friday, June 04, 2004

Its been a long time / I shouldn't have left you / without a strong rhyme to step to* 

I haven't blogged for a while, which I'd like to blame on law school but... And I'm sure you haven't missed it cuz, well, I'm still unsure anyone is actually reading this. But I hope to be back in a week. This time with a daily posting from the wonder that I'm sure will be the Barbri prep class. I'd say don't hold your breath, but holding your breath may actually be more entertaining the reading about me studying for the bar.

*Eric B. & Rakim: I Know You Got Soul. Also check out the excellent remix by the fantastic Jason Nevins.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Shot to the Heart / Bon Jovi's to blame / They give white guys a bad name* 

Went out to watch karaoke for the first time on Friday. What did I discover? Bon Jovi songs get white guys riled up like John Mayer in a Dave Chappelle skit (funniest show on tv- "I'm Rick James, [female dog explitive i'm too lefty to use)]"). Through both Dead or Alive and Shot to the Heart (but no Living on a Prayer, a true injustice), no matter what sub-culture they guy was from, be it indie rocker, frat boy, alaskan cowboy, or Office Space extra, they all had their hands in the air and their voices cranking out lyrics from my junior high days. Of course, the same people all were also mouthing along to Oops I Did it Again when they thought noone else was looking.

*The shivers-of-shame I get thinking back on the days I liked Weird Al should have stopped me from writing that title.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

cane da yo, non avete quella cosa, voi conoscete il cane* 

Quote of the week in my house: [My wife talking right after I pick her up from italian language class]
"That guy there got called ugly in class tonight in a tragic accident"

*Italian translation (from BabelFish) of Randy Jackson's very helpful critique of Jasmine Trias this week.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

It can't be that bad if Spike Lee told me to do it* 

This post at Defective Yeti made me think of my favorite bus story:
Pimps sitting in front of me on the bus:
pimp1: business has been rough lately
pimp2: yeah, i'm having a hard time getting money from my ladies
pimp1: I couldn't even make ends meet last month.
pimp2: its just not like it used to be.
pimp1: its alright, it ended up working out. I got my ladies jobs at McDonalds and just take a cut of that.

Uh, doesn't that speak badly of your pimp-ablity when your ladies are turning burgers instead of tricks? I wouldn't be bragging to my pimp buddies about that kind of "ingeniutiy".

*Get On The Bus. One of my all time favorite movies. Like many of the movies on my list, its low on action, high on conversation. broad, wide-ranging, diverse, breaks through stereotypes while still creating characters that are recognizable.

Monday, May 03, 2004

A stream of consciousness like Billy Joel's last hit* 

Just saw Kill Bill Vol. 1: Classic Tarantino- demented, violent, funny, crazy, quirky, clever, sick, over-the-top, haphazard, bucking-the-system, caving-to-hollywood, long, exciting, nerdy, homage, copycat, unpredictable, bloody, juxtapose, grand, pandering, epic, silly, sparse, intense, imaginative, free flowing...

it all reassures me Tarantino is the incredible director he often gets credit for, but has often failed to prove.

*We Didn't Start the Fire. This weeks SNL had Horatio Sans doing a funny-as-hell version of Billy Joel. In fact, Horatio was in almost every skit. Did he get a promotion or is he leaving the show?

Friday, April 30, 2004

Just off the AP wire: Message board posts "Dude, read Tuf 2 Blog"* 

The Most troubing trend in journalism has been quoting newsgroups and message boards. I already rage against the "neighbor" interview on TV news. "uh, he didn't seem like the kind of guy that would do that. I never would have guessed he was capable of doing that" (though that did lead to the game where my wife and I pick who we know that we'd have to tell the local news "um, yeah, I'm actually not surprised"). Random witnesses/neighbors/family/someone-who-lives-in-the-same-city do not add anything to my understanding of the story. I could care less. And quoting random people with nothing better to do than post their opinion online is taking that 10 bijillion times too far (can you belive that? people who just post their unsolicited opinion online? ridiculous). I can't believe it even fits within the ethics of being a journalist outside The Enquirer.

*If you couldn't tell, I'm trying to make this "asterisk in the subject" my thang. Unfortanately, I'm starting to discover I'm not creative.**

**This doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing it

Daily Kos: Watch your back, punk* 

My first link! Jim's Polka gets the prize (which will probaly consist of an email from me saying "uh, hey, thanks for linking to me. so, um, cool.") for the first person to show up with a link to me on Technorati. So get on the train fellow bloggers, you wouldn't want to be the last one to link to the brilliance that are my rambings!

*Daily Kos. The "punk" is purely for dramatic effect. He was in the army, he'd kick my ass (that, and I agree with 99% of what he says).